A girl & her kindle <3

Hi everyone! & welcome to my blog!
I wanted to take a moment to use my first post as a way to introduce myself!
My name is Elizabeth. I’m a 26 year old oilfield wife and happily married to my AMAZING husband, Cory. I’m a born and raised West Virginia girl–now living in Pennsylvania. We have one crazy 2 year old black Labrador named Aria. Life with her is anything BUT boring! And I work as a full time dental assistant in a private dental practice in the Pittsburgh area.
Now, I want to explain why I’m here. I absolutely LOVE reading. If someone asks me about my hobbies–reading is always the first thing I’ll say. Like I mentioned earlier, my husband works in the oilfield. His job takes him away from home for days at a time–even weeks. In the last few years reading has become my biggest outlet, especially after moving to a new state away from all of my family and closest friends. I’ve decided to start this blog because I love sharing new books I’m passionate about. I’ve thought about starting one in the past and finally decided to take the leap! There have been so many books in the last year that I love, and I think using this blog would be a fun way to record and continue sharing them.
My favorite books are in the romance genre–mainly new adult and contemporary. I love a book that grabs my attention from the start. Has my heart racing, breaks it, puts it back together, makes me laugh out loud, makes me cry, has me swooning, keeps me up at night for hours because I can’t bring myself to put it down, but most importantly has a happy ending.
So, there it is–my first official blog post!!
Thank you for taking the time to meet me, and I hope you’ll continue checking back in on future posts and book reviews! Btw, I’m SO excited about the ARC I’m currently reading and can’t wait to share! 😉

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