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Top 16 Reads of 2016!

I’m SO excited to share my FAVORITE reads of 2016! I couldn’t pick just 10, so I decided 16 for “2016” sounded like a pretty awesome number.

I’m a newbie book blogger–and I have to say that each and every one of these books (along with others not listed) had some type of impact on my decision to finally take the leap into this blogging world.

So, thank you to all of these amazing authors for giving me a place to escape. Making me laugh, cry, and sometimes want to throw my kindle across the room.

Thank you for your beautiful words.

I can’t wait to see what you and other authors bring us in 2017! ❤


My TOP Reads of 2016!

(Listed in no particular order.)

Whispers and the Roars

by K. Webster


“I love her. Plain and simple. You can’t snuff out the blazing flames of love. Soulmates don’t simply drift apart. Twelve years has done nothing to change the way I feel about her. The time with us separated is over. No more hiding. No more avoidance. No more denying our complicated relationship. I’m going to make this right again.”


Punk 57

by Penelope Douglas


“Seven years I’ve known her, but I’ve never seen her face. If I search her out now, there’s no going back.”


Paper Princess

by Erin Watt


“This will never be my home. I don’t belong in splendor, I belong in squalor. That’s what I know. It’s what I’m comfortable with because squalor doesn’t lie to you. It’s not wrapped up in a pretty package. It is what it is.”


The Silent Waters

by Brittainy C. Cherry


“With each touch, I fell more for his spirit. With each kiss, I tasted a part of his soul. In my mind, I whispered back to him, time and time again. With every tear and every heartbeat, I spoke to him. So quiet, yet so loud.”



by L.J. Shen


“Vicious was vicious. It was too bad that my hate for him was dipped in a thin shell of something that felt like love. But I promised myself I’d crack it, break it, and unleash pure hatred in its place before he got to me.”


A Love Letter to Whiskey

by Kandi Steiner


“I always loved that, the first sight of him, the first hit. It was a little jarring, like a slight burn, but the aftertaste was smooth, welcoming, like an old friend calling me home.”


Marriage Games

by CD Reiss


“I still straddled two worlds emotionally. My definitions were contradictory, and the shift had been too sudden. Was I half of a power couple? A Dominant with a submissive wife who didn’t love him? Or a single Dominant with insatiable appetites? Neither? Some third, nameless monster?”



by Kandi Steiner


“You’re weightless. The world hasn’t touched you yet. You’re not heavy with the weight of pain, and guilt, and selfishness…You’re light. Don’t ever lose that. Don’t let the world weigh you down like them.”



by Tijan


“I looked at him and knew my emotions were shining through. If he’d glanced back at me, he would’ve seen everything I felt.”


Black Swan Affair

by K.L. Kreig


“There are different kinds of love.
There’s the dreamy kind you always thought you wanted
And then there’s the steady one you never understood
but the second you let yourself feel it
It’s nothing like you could have imagined in your wildest dreams.”


Dark Notes

by Pam Godwin


“That’s when I hear it. The tempo of our breaths. The drum of our heartbeats. The crackle in the air. The exquisite cadence pulses through me, awakening sensations I’ve never felt, composing a melody I’ve never heard. Our hypnotic, dark notes.”


American Queen

by Sierra Simone

14753443_1140504369374997_8926428819167863456_o“I want what I dreamed about ten years ago. I want to be dragged to the edge of shame and fear and darkness. I want to not recognize myself, and I want you to be the glorious, demanding beast that you are.”


Being Brooke

by Emma Hart


“But I’m also totally in love with him to the point I’ve considered photoshopping myself into pictures with him, so the best friend thing kinda sucks.”


Torrid Affair

by Callie Anderson


“I’m going to kiss you the way you deserve to be kissed. You’ll be able to feel it. You’re not spineless, nor are you broken. You’re the strongest woman I know.”



by Jana Aston


“You are the most alluring woman I’ve ever met,” he says when I release his lip. Alluring? Not awkward? That can’t be right.”


Wasted Words

by Staci Hart


“So I did the only thing I could to show her how I felt — I kissed her.
I kissed her with all of me, heart and soul, told her with every motion, every touch, every breath that I wanted her. That she was perfect. That I was hers.”


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