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Review: Sinner by Jackie Wang


A Northbridge Nights Novel

by Jackie Wang

Genre: Suspense/Mystery

Release Date: July 22, 2017

sinner june.jpg

First, he broke my heart. Then, he ripped it out of my chest.

Fifteen years ago, Beckett Longstead broke up with me, then disappeared.

One stormy night, he shows up at my doorstep bloodied and bruised, begging me for help.

I should’ve shut the door in his face. Should’ve left him to bleed.

But instead, I take him in and fix him, just like when we were teenagers.

Beckett has secrets, though, and everything about him screams guilt.

He’s hiding something terrible, but he won’t tell me what.

He claims he can’t remember. That he has amnesia.

He’s sick, plagued by nightmares, and his memory loss troubles me.

But he’s got no one else. 

So against my better judgment, I welcome him into my home, and back into my vulnerable heart.

Little did I know, his sins would destroy us. 

Little did I know, his secrets would ruin everything.

My Review

4 Stars!

After Sinner being the second book from Jackie Wang I’ve picked up, she’s easily becoming an author whose work I enjoy. I love the suspense and mystery she adds to this story. It had so many twists and turns—constantly keeping me on the edge wondering what would happen next, or what secrets would be revealed.

Beckett is a known “bad boy” –he comes from a difficult past and has secrets he tries to hide for the few people he cares about. Coming from a “grandpa’s girl” myself, the thing I most adored about him was the love he had for his grandfather. The way he took care of him and didn’t want to leave him behind.

Terri was a strong, independent woman. My favorite thing about her was her nurturing and caring attitude. She took Beckett in when she had every right not to—I loved that about her.

The thing that draws me into Jackie’s stories is the way she crafts these mysterious back stories for the characters. Their stories are one of romance, but also have a “thriller-like” vibe.

Sinner is captivating, edgy, heart wrenching–a beautiful story of second-chances at life and love.

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JACKIE WANG lives in Vancouver, Canada with her real-life alpha hero and their rambunctious daughter. When she’s not writing, Jackie is binge-reading, gorging on expensive chocolates, or fiddling around with Photoshop.




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