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Favorite Reads of 2017 & Facebook Giveaway! <3

Here it is!

My favorite reads for 2017!

This year has been an amazing one for books, and trying to only pick a fraction of what I’ve read was near impossible. Having the opportunity to read these and so many others has been a highlight of my year.

So, thank you to all these amazing authors, along with so many others not listed, for giving me a place to escape. Making me laugh, cry, and sometimes want to throw my poor kindle across the room. Thank you for your beautiful words.

I can’t wait tho see what you and other authors bring us in 2018!



Kate Stewart


You guys. This book! It was my last read of the year and let me tell you, this book killed me in the best, most beautiful, emotional way possible. So angsty. SO GOOD. I was literally asking for emotional support in my Instagram stories. LOL!  I didn’t get a chance to post my review on my blog, but definitely check out the Goodreads link I’m leaving below.

My Review


Something in the Way series

Jessica Hawkins


If there’s an author who slayed my year with her words, it’s Jessica Hawkins. Her Something in the Way series consumed my thoughts for the majority of 2017. And Lake + Manning releasing in February is one of my MOST anticipated reads! If you’ve not started this epic slow-burn saga, then I highly recommend it!

Something in the Way Review

Somebody Else’s Sky Review

Move the Stars Review


The Unrequited

Saffron A. Kent

The Unrequited Ebook Cover

Three words: Professor. Thomas. Abrams.

This book was so raw. So gritty. I’m still obsessed with him and Layla’s story. If you’ve not made dirty poetry with Professor Abrams, then I highly suggest it!

My Review



Stacy Kestwick


Drumline made this band geek’s year! The cover is drool-worthy and the words inside are incredible. Bonus: the main character Reese is from a place that’s very close to my heart!

My Review


On the Way to You

Kandi Steiner

OtWtY Cover

Kandi never fails to hit me in the feels with her words. And this one hit me hard.

My Review


Bad Habit

Charleigh Rose


I’m going to repeat a small part of my review. The prologue for Bad Habit is the hottest, most achingly forbidden prologue I’ve ever read. If you love NA romance then read this book. It’s perfection!

My Review


A Thousand Letters

Staci Hart


Elliott and Wade’s story is exquisite. Staci evoked every possible emotion there is with this story. I read it back in February and it’s one that immediately popped into my mind when I started making a list of my favorites.

My Review



Lucia Franco


This wasn’t a book released this year, but it’s one that had been on my TBR list for awhile. One I’m still kicking myself over because it sat there for so long. Balance is one of the best forbidden romances I’ve read in awhile.

My Review



Carian Cole


Torn by Carian is one of my all-time favorites, and the guy we met in it that rarely spoke had always intrigued me. Tyler and Holly’s story broke me, but Carian never failed to piece my heart back together.

My Review


The Edge of Us

Veronica Larsen


I love a well written love triangle, and the one Veronica crafted with this story was mesmerizing.

My Review


A Little Too Late

Staci Hart


Yes, that’s right…Staci made it on my list twice. I live for her modern day retelling of Jane Austen’s stories. A Little Too Late is Charlie’s story and he was a secondary character in A Thousand Letters. This is one of those books that literally gave me butterflies while reading. I love this one SO much!

My Review



K Webster


Kristi is one of the few who can make me love characters and situations that are rather questionable. I live for the crazy, twisted rides this lady creates!

My Review


The Gravity of Us

Brittainy C Cherry


The Gravity of Us is my favorite from the Element series. I cried so many tears while reading it and was completely invested in Graham and Lucy. She ended this series PERFECTLY with this book.

My Review


The Weight of Life

Whitney Barbetti


The Weight of Life was a beautiful story that touched on grief, heartbreak, and the challenges that deal with overcoming it. A must read!

My Review


Ruckus (Sinners of Saint #3)

L.J. Shen


It’s not a favorites list without the gorgeous L.J. Shen or one of her hotholes! Ruckus both gutted me and gave me butterflies.

My Review


Crowned by Hate

Amo Jones


Holy Mind f*ck.

Crowned by Hate is everything dark and ugly, and I loved every twisted moment of it.

My Review


Miss Fix-it

Emma Hart


Miss Fix-it is my favorite Emma Hart book to date! The gender-swap is genius and so entertaining. This was pure heartwarming romantic-comedy at it’s finest.

My Review


In Pieces

Danielle Pearl

In Pieces Cover

I read In Pieces while on vacation and could not put it down. This brother’s-best friend-romance was not an easy romance–it deserves to be in a class all it’s own!

My Review


Lost in Scotland

Hilaria Alexander

Cover (2)

Almost a year later, and I’m still obsessing over the Scotland whirlwind adventure Hilaria took me on!

My Review


Break Point

Rachel Blaufeld

break point cover

Break Point was my first read of 2017! This is a perfect off-limits, second-chance romance that I absolutely adore.

My Review


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